CSTO Collective Rapid Response Forces to hold drills in Kyrgyzstan in 2018


CSTO Collective Rapid Response Forces to hold drills in Kyrgyzstan in 2018

The drills of the Collective Rapid Response Force of the CSTO will be held in 2018 in Kyrgyzstan. The Council of Ministers of Defense of the CSTO member states has adopted an action plan for 2018.

The plan provides for joint exercises involving Russian peacekeeping forces, the collective rapid reaction forces of Tajikistan, and the reconnaissance units of Kazakhstan. All measures are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of response to crisis situations, both in the CSTO's responsibility zone and beyond.

Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Military cooperation of the CSTO member states objectively remains one of the most important elements of the existence and further improvement of the organization and the strengthening of its security. I am confident that today's event and the decisions made will contribute to further enhancing the effectiveness of the collective security system and responding to crisis situations.   

Yuri Khachaturov, Secretary General of the CSTO:
As for the current year, such exercises will be held in October in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Russia. In contrast to past years, they are conducted according to a single plan, against a general operational and strategic background.  

In total, the meeting participants discussed 12 points on the agenda. Among them is the plan for training military personnel for the states parties to the CSTO Treaty. Belarus now chairs the organization.