Days of Minsk take place in Belgrade

Days of Minsk take place in Belgrade

The Days of Minsk were held In Belgrade this week. Cooperation between Minsk and Belgrade was established in 2014. However, these days the role of direct cooperation between cities is more important than ever. In 2017, Minsk welcomed a delegation from Belgrade, and this week Minsk presented its potential in the heart of Serbia.

Sinisa Mali, mayor of Belgrade:
We are glad to welcome the delegation from Belarus. Last year you hosted Belgrade Days in Minsk. And today, we are hosting an important event for both capitals - the Days of Minsk in Belgrade. This is an excellent opportunity for our citizens to get acquainted with the history, traditions and culture of Belarus and its capital. We have a common goal - to bring two peoples and two cities even closer together, to develop our industry and the economy as a whole. We will do everything to make you feel at home in our city. Welcome to Belgrade!

Andrei Shorets, chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee (Minsk Mayor):
We have a progressive movement between the two cities. If we at first only talked about cultural programs, now we are talking about economy, the transport development of two cities, the possible delivery of electric buses, construction and assistance in the design, construction of the underground, about tourism (both inbound and outbound ). That is, we raise a new topic every time.

On the opening day of the Days of Minsk in Belgrade, Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Andrei Shorets solemnly laid wreaths at the memorial complex "Liberators of Belgrade" to the monument to Soviet and Yugoslav soldiers who died during the liberation of Belgrade from Nazi invaders, as well as to the Monument to Soviet Soldier.

The three-day program, prepared by Minsk for the capital of the Republic of Serbia, was rich and varied. A number of agreements were signed in the presence of two mayors.

The main event of the days of Minsk in the Serbian capital was the Belarusian-Serbian business forum, in which more than 100 entrepreneurs from two countries took part. As the mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali noted there was not a single empty seat in the lobby.

The forum featured the trade and economic and tourist potential of Minsk enterprises, an exhibition of tasting of Belarusian products and even an improvised chess tournament.

One of the key moments of the Days of Minsk in Belgrade was the presentation of the Belarusian electric bus, which is supposed to be left in the Serbian capital for trial. The fact is that Belgrade is in great need of renewal of passenger transport fleet. By the way, about a hundred of Belarusian trolleybuses already run along Belgrade streets.

For its part, the capital of Serbia has prepared a special program for Belarusian guests. The Belarusian delegation visited transport enterprises, power supply facilities, scientific and technological park of Belgrade.

The tour of one of the largest construction projects in Europe - "Belgrade on the water" was equally exciting.