What should Minsk offer tourists?


What should Minsk offer tourists?

The directions of tourism which can be developed in Minsk were discussed during the TV program “What’s going on?” RTR Belarus.

Vladimir Razuvanov, head of tourism management and hospitality department at the Institute of Tourism, the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture:
Tourism today is innovative and it changes a lot. The world changes, tourism changes, everything changes. I analyzed some global trend: today there is a trend of tourism as a holiday (when you do not do anything) – it changed a long time ago, the growth is an absolute zero.

Modern tourism is tourism of impressions.

These are the trends of 2016, this is information provided by the World Tourism Organization. And other analytical agencies. According to “Leisure”, the growth equals zero. According to “City trip” there is one interesting tendency as city places, city tours, and all the things that can be solved with the help of city life. The world growth in this case was 17% in 2016.

What has been left out and what will the tendencies of next season be like?

Vladimir Razuvanov:
The market will show. Everything must be tried. Different products are being suggested.

What can be interesting for tourists?

Vladimir Razuvanov:
I suppose that using the city’s potential is a good trend. Actually, for Minsk as well.

For instance, two wonderful platforms near Oktyabrskaya and Zybitskaya Streets.

A colossal potential which hasn’t been used to its utmost yet.

Jazz evenings are a great event as well.

Vladimir Razumanov:
I agree. I suppose that each of once hosted foreign tourists personally, not as professionals. To my mind there are many things for the tourists to do in Minsk in summer. However, many other things can be made up: quests, authentic living – a trend, when people do not want anything artificial.