Why does Belarus buy potatoes from abroad and what should be done with it?

Why does Belarus buy potatoes from abroad and what should be done with it?

It is not only trolleybuses that Belarus sells to Serbia and it is not only the taste of Belarusian sausage and bread the Serbians know. The title product of Belarus is potatoes. The demand on this product has increased lately and it led to depletion to storage houses.

Vladimir Radevich, head of a farm household:
As many as 6,00 were here, 95% were eaten by the Uzbeks.

The stock of potatoes in spring melted together with the snow. The main part of the last year harvest was consumed by Russia. However, there are no young potatoes just yet. The bad weather played its part.

Galina Timoshchenko, salesperson of agricultural products:
There are no potatoes. People want to buy it cheaper, they compare meat prices with potato prices.

The Ministry of Agriculture say that the situation is not that bad.

Andrei Zanevsky, head of the main department of plant breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
In the prevernal period, there will be imported potatoes in Belarus. It is right because people will have a possibility to buy fresh potatoes because Belarus’ climate doesn’t permit to have potatoes of its own at this time of the year.

Vladimir Radevich:
It is easy to compete. Belarus may be late a bit, but if the market shows prices which must be on this certain market then people will make it and grow it.

Belarus ’collective farms have cut down on planting potatoes by one fifth in the last ten years. However, farmers took over. Vladimir Radevich counts every centimetre on his land. Not him but the computer intellect.

Vladimir Radevich:
A tractor driver doesn’t feel any errors when doing his job. However, this modern technology help to increase the harvest by 470 dt/ha.

Andrei Zanevsky:
Potatoes must be imported in packages, they must be clean.

In a vacuum pack and already boiled. As many as 50% of potatoes in Europe are processed, in Belarus it is only 5%. For this reason, Vladimir Radevich decided to consider processing potatoes more thoroughly.

There are 46 varieties of potatoes in Belarus’ agricultural pyramid. These varieties are known and grown all over the world.

Ludmila Kozlova, laboratory chief of the Research and Practical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Potato, Fruit and Vegetable growing:
Belarus’ potato varieties are known in Russia, the EU, China, Uzbekistan. Belarus’ second bread was tried in Norway, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and even in Serbia.

The forecast for growing potatoes is following: in two years’ time the potato market in Belarus will regulate itself and the prices will not be set by retailors but by competition.

Vladimir Radevich:
Everything will take its place. The market will regulate the volume of potatos, the quality, the package and the sales lines. Young potatos in Belarus will be ready to dig out of the soil at the beginning of July.

Andrei Zanevsky:
I like draniki but from Belarusian potatos though.