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Market maker bank established at JSC "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange"

The first ever market maker bank appeared at Belarus’ currency exchange market. The certificate with No.1 was solemnly presented to the chairman of the executive board on June 12, 2017. A market maker is a participant of the market which guarantees trade settlement. It takes risks and is obliged to satisfy the requests of clients on the most advantageous terms. In such a way, it lets to support the liquidity of sales.

Andrei Aukhimenya, Chairman of the Board of JSC Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange:
The market maker will put the requests forward for purchase and sale, will guarantee their accomplishment in three main currency pairs. It is dollar-Belarusian rouble, euro-Belarusian rouble, and Russian rouble-Belarusian rouble. The demand level must increase, the liquidity of the market will increase. It is a good step towards future development of a civilized currency market in the Republic of Belarus.

Igor Likhogrud, Chairman of the Board of a bank:
We all do one thing directed at market development, so that it is more formed and uses instrument suggested by the world’s experience. Suggesting that clients carry out currency exchange operations where the client feels more comfortable doing it. Through electronic banking, a smartphone, computer, and including a stock canal in the nearest future, through a currency exchange point.

Specialists think that the coming of the market maker to the currency exchange market will impliedly influence private individuals. Due to an increase of the market volumes the stability of currency rates will increase as well.

Market maker bank established at JSC "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange"