Best cow chosen in Belarus

Best cow chosen in Belarus

The best cow of Belarus was chosen in the Minsk region on June 8. The jury assessed the beauties of the field by several criteria.

Traditionally, 24 cows from all over Belarus took part in the competition - four from each of the six regions.

The larger the cow, the better the quality of milk. The average weight of 'contestants' is 600-700 kilograms.

Yulia Yurchik, livestock breeder of a production cooperative:
Healthy cows give good quality milk, which is stored longer and processed easier.

In 2016, Belarus exported four and a half million tons of milk out of the 7 tons produced.

Belarus expands its export geography every year. Even African countries buy this white gold from Belarus.

Igor Brylo, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
More than 15 countries added in 2015 and there will be about the same amount in 2017. Belarus exports dairy produce to 62 countries. In 2016, export revenue from these sales amounted to $1.8 billion.

Undoubtedly, the promotion of national products is the main task of the BelAgro exhibition and the Best Cow competition. Organizers of the Best Cow contest hope that the competition will become international.

The Best Cow's name is Medunichka, which is associated with 'honey' in the Belarusian and Russian languages. She cow is from the Brest region.

Nikolay, Medunichka’s owner, won over $5,000 after his cow was announced the best in 2017.

Nikolay Golovko, livestock breeder:
She feels everything, the main thing is the right approach. We can't beat her. We must approach in a good way and always pat.