Medieval battles, art vernissage, master classes: Novopolotsk celebrates birthday


Medieval battles, art vernissage, master classes: Novopolotsk celebrates birthday

One of the youngest cities in Belarus - Novopolotsk - celebrated the birthday on June 11.

From the morning, a children's town and a city of masters opened on the left bank of the Western Dvina.

At every step you could find entertainment for all tastes and times: medieval battles, art vernissage, master classes and sports competitions. The traditional parade of the city's enterprises became the culmination of celebrations.

Novopolotsk today is the largest oil refinery in Belarus and dozens of enterprises known all over the world.

This is 110,000 inhabitants, whose average age is 38 years.

Ekaterina Dorina, student:
Our town creates excellent opportunities for the development of youth, for further education, and self-improvement.

Sofia Shestakevich, resident of Novopolotsk:
We have a very beautiful young city in which we were born, and our children were born. We want to live here, so that our town prospers, so that everyone is healthy, happy that everything is fine. Happy birthday, my Novopolotsk!

Novopolotsk supports trade and economic relations with fifty countries. Strong friendship connects it with dozens of twin towns from Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, France, Serbia and China.

Valery Kuzmin, chairman of the council of deputies of the city district of Elektrostal:
Novopolotsk is a brother of Elektrostal. This is a spiritual brother, a brother that is very like us. It gives us the power and spirituality.

Vladimir Semashko, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus:
The plant Naftan, together with Mozyr Oil Refinery, give 30 percent of foreign currency that Belarus earns. The town and the plant are inseparable from each other. If things go well at the oil refinery, everything is well in the town.

Novopolotsk will become the cultural capital of Belarus in 2018, when it will celebrate its 60th birthday.