1927 Willys Overland takes part in retro car rally in Minsk


1927 Willys Overland takes part in retro car rally in Minsk

During two days these retro crews overcame about 360 kilometers. The retro car rally took place in Belarus. The main condition for participation in was to have a car released before 1980. The model must be serial and without design changes.

The oldest car taking part in the rally is 1927 Willys Overland.

Among other old cars is this pride of German car industry, released back in 1938.

For economic reasons, the engine here has been replaced with the one having only a 29hp capacity. But even with this engine the car can accelerate to more than 100 kilometers per hour.

Evgeny Pavlyuschik:
My car is from 1958, in ideal condition, with native paint and covering, with native salon and native engine. Its battery dates back to the Soviet Union. This is the very first series M-2, the famous Volga 21.

The mayor of Minsk visited the retro-rally too. Andrei Shorets chose the red Chevrolet 1961. The volume of the car engine is 5.7 liters.

Oleg Kazak:
We are tried and it's quite scary to drive. Lack of hydraulic booster, heavy brakes, but nevertheless everything moves. This is a very reliable car.

All in all, about 40 crews from Belarus and Russia are taking part in this rally.