Maximum interactivity: Belarus' pavilion at EXPO 2017

Maximum interactivity: Belarus' pavilion at EXPO 2017

This year's EXPO was timed to the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which was held yesterday in the capital of Kazakhstan. The President of Belarus also took part in it. Belarus has been an observer in the SCO for a year. This is an opportunity to be at the center of interregional projects. In their turn, the participants of the organization consider Belarus as a bridge between East and West.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Xi Jinping's statement that China will promote the development of states not only the SCO, but along the perimeter of the Shanghai organization is very important from the point of view of solving the problems of terrible illegal migration that leads to global terrorism.

I am convinced that strengthening the economic dimension of the SCO will help to solve this difficult issue.

We suggest thinking over the development of specific projects: economic, investment, logistics, and humanitarian.

Alexei Belyaev, political analyst:
For Belarus, this is not only export and import opportunity, which allow us to import the necessary goods with minimal duties. Not only is this factor important for us.

It is important for Belarus that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is also a powerful alliance of nuclear powers which actually allow stabilizing the situation.

Sergei Kizima, political analyst:
Participation of Belarus in this organization is the same as the 1945 participation of the BSSR in the formation of the United Nations Organization. The prospects are grandiose. The leaders of the most powerful countries of Asia and Eurasia meet there. This is an opportunity to negotiate various problems of the world with an organization whose influence will grow more and more. This is also an opportunity to have bilateral meetings:

Alexander Lukashenko met with the UN Secretary General, the leaders of Russia, China, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan.

Some of these countries, by the way, are represented at the international exhibition EXPO. Its opening symbolically coincided with the opening day of the summit.

The Belarusian pavilion has turned out to be really memorable. Its main feature is maximum interactivity. Belarus presents its latest scientific developments, ecological transport and a combine harvester on gas fuel.

The EXPO takes about 170 acres. By the way, Kazakhstan prepared very carefully for the exhibition: over five years, 55,000 new jobs were created and 200 new hotels were built. It is planned that up to five million guests will visit the EXPO during the three months of its work.