Belarus’ exhibits at EXPO 2017


Belarus’ exhibits at EXPO 2017

The International Exhibition EXPO 2017 opened for visitors on June 10, 2017.

Belarus’ exposition is presented in Astana as well.

The main peculiarity of Belarus’ is maximum of interactivity.

A modern electobus, mock-ups of Belarusian road and agricultural machinery. A lot of attention is being pade to The Silk Way as well. What is more, everyone who wishes to can get a part of Belarus before the 10th of Septeber.

Goods made from flax, national costumes, souveniers and cosmetics can be bought in a specialized shop.

The exhibition was coincided with the Shanghai Cooperation Orrganization summit, which was held in Astan the day before. Presidetn Lukashenko took part in it and Belarus holds the status of an observer in this organization. It is a possibility to be in the center of interregional projects.

On the other hand, the participants of the organization see a linking bridge of the West and the East in Belarus.

Segei Kazima, political analyst:
The participation of Belarus in this organization is the same as Belarus’ participation in the founadation of the UN back in 1945. The prospectives are grand.

Leaders of the most powerful states of Asia and Eurasia mee there.

It is a possibility to discus different problems in the world today with the organization, the influence of which will only grow. It is a possibility to hold bilateral talks as well.

Aleksei Belyayev, political analyst:
It is both export and import possibilities for Belarus,

which will let the country to import goods with the lowest duties.

It is also important for Belarus that the SCO is a powerful union of nuclear states which will allow to stablise the situation.

The summit in Astana is a truly historic event. It is one of the most influential organizations in the world today, occupies 60% of the Eurasia continent, unites nearly half of the world’s population and forms a quarter of the world’s GDP. As many as two more states joined the organization –

India and Pakistan will now be cooperating within the Shanghai Cooperation Oragnization.