Results of President Lukashenko’s visit to Astana


Results of President Lukashenko’s visit to Astana

The main political news is from Astana, where the SCO summit was held. All in all, there are eight participants of this organization. Belarus has an observer status in it, but the way that President Lukashenko was met and the fact that he was given the opportunity to address the summit participants says a lot.

Kazakhstan is holding two events at the same time. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and the international exposition EXPO 2017. It is huge responsibility. Taking into consideration the current situation in the world, security measures in Astana have been increased.

Before the big talks began, Alexander Lukashenko met with Narsultan Nazarbayev one to one. The talked about economic cooperation and new projects, but there was one thing that touched to the quick.

Akmol is a small settlement in Kazakhstan and it became a symbol of women’s misfortune. The Akmol Labour Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland, known as ALZhIR as well, saw more than 20,000 women in the 16 years of the camp’s existence. None of these women were sentenced. However, their fault was in being wives, daughters, sisters of repressed.

Maya Klyashtornaya, daughter of woman prisoner of the Akmol Labour Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland:
Decision from 1937: “I, criminal investigator, having looked into the materials on Yanina Germanovich, found that she the wife of a shot traitor of motherland”.

As many as 80 years after this decision, the KGB handed these documents to Maya Klyashtornaya. The small girl was sent to the camp when she was small, but she remembers those days behind the prison wires well. Some 10 years ago they started to build a memorial on the place of the camp. It takes a lot of efforts to collect information about the women prisoners of the camp. Belarus contributed to the issue as well.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
When I found out that you are going to build a memorial here, I ordered the KGB to refer o the archives, because wives from the entire USSR were sent there. Belarus found interesting materials and I would like to give you a letter where I express my ideas on this account. Secondly, it is an example for those who were sent into exile. Petrus Brovka’s mother-in-law is here. Letters of Beria, Stalin, the relatives of the exiled people. These are unique documents and I think that you will accept them.

The main day of the summit started off with a meeting of “six” member states of the SCO. The main topic of the summit is combatting terrorism and extremism, and regional security. Belarus is the only European state which holds the status of an observer in this organization.

Alexander Lukashenko:
No one and nowhere will ever be able to destabilize the situation in the world if all the SCO member states will want it. Unity is the key factor of countering today’s challenges and threats, including terrorism, extremism and organized crimes. The growing number of states supporting the SCO’s mutually beneficial and peaceful existence of nations proves the increasing authority of the organization.

Accepting new members to the organization is a unique event. What is more, the newcomers are best frenemies. They have many disagreements. Both India and Pakistan are nuclear states. There are four countries like this in the organization already. The fact that they sat at one negotiation table speaks of the growing influence of the SCO in the world.

Gopal Baglay, spokesperson of India’s Ministry of External Affairs:
Good and friendly relations have been established between Belarus and India. As for the relations within the SCO, it is a fantastic possibility for India to cooperate with all the member states, including Belarus. India hopes for cooperation with Belarus, there are no political disagreements. Today India has a wonderful possibility to cooperate with Belarus, in strengthening peace and security for everyone as well.

Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Islamabad last year opened a new page in the relations of Belarus and Pakistan. Pakistan’s joining to the SCO will give new possibilities for cooperation.

Sajjan Mir, political analyst (Pakistan):
It is only the beginning. When the organization was formed, Pakistan’s approach to it was watchful. There were certain doubts, especially on cooperation with India. However, everything was aimed at mutual effort against terrorism.

The strengthening of the economic vector was discussed as well. The total commodity circulation of the SCO states is now 30 trillion dollars.

Alexander Kondrashonok, economy analyst:
I suppose that the SCO will become a platform for strengthening relations of Belarus’s export to China.

Development of trade, establishment of a free trade zone, simplification of customs procedures. Participants of the SCO are ready to reach a compromise.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Belarus suggests considering certain projects (economic, investment, logistic and humanitarian), including active attraction of observer states. The fact that this issue was spoken of by China, Russia, other large and not poor SCO states means that this economic problem can be solved.

Another suggestion of Belarus is to use observers’ potential more actively. Mongolia has the status of an observer in this organization as well.

Tsend Munkh-Orgil, Mongolia’s Foreign Minister:
President Lukashenko and the President of Mongolia expressed practically the same idea, that not only political cooperation but cooperation in economy and infrastructure sectors, concrete agreements in simplifying certain customs procedures, for instance, should take place.

EXPO 2017 International Exhibition was opened in Astana in the same days the summit was held. The first thing that catches attention id the scale of the event. Kazakhstan managed to build an exhibition town just in a few years of time. The platform in Astana took up nearly 250 football pitches. EXPO 2017 is not a list of ideas but a real parade of brainchild. As many as 115 pavilions are presented at the exhibition. From Europe to Asia. A real tour around the world.

This is a small island of Belarus in Kazakhstan. All the best developments of Belarusian scientists and industrialists are presented here. A mock-up of a mining truck and a MAZ bus on gas was brought here from Belarus. However, the main attraction of the exposition was a Belarusian electrobus. This model is very practical for the climate Kazakhstan has.

Anatoly Nichkasov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of Kazakhstan:
Besides it all, the interactive system of design gives all the visitors of the exhibition an opportunity to get acquainted with other developments of Belarusian scientists.

The opening ceremony was smashing. A laser show and fireworks.

Photo taken from the Official Internet Portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus.