Alexander Lukashenko about India, Pakistan joining SCO


Alexander Lukashenko about India, Pakistan joining SCO

Security and economic dimension. Alexander Lukashenko outlined the Belarusian priorities in the work of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

At the summit in Astana Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that Belarus is a donor of regional stability and can contribute into fulfilling the targets of the SCO. What is more, Belarus is ready to strengthen its positions as a linker between Europe and Asia. Alexander Lukashenko participated in the opening ceremony of EXPO 2017 exhibition as well. A Belarusian pavilion is presented there. It main peculiarity is maximum interactivity.

The 17th summit of the SCO in Astana is a political event which caught everybody’s attention on June 9, 2017.

Such large-scale events are also a possibility for participating sides to speak out of the public’s view.

Alexander Lukashenko met with the leaders of Russia, China, Afghanistan and Tajikistan on the side-lines of the forum.

President Lukashenko also had the opportunity to speak to Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, one-to one. At the round table talks Belarus’s President said that a Belarus being an observer state for one year confirmed the right choice of the organization’s development.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The short period of time that has passed since Belarus joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an observer has completely convinced us in the rightness of the choice made. I naturally act here as an attentive observer of the processes that are taking place today in the SCO.

The peculiarity of the SCO today is that, if all members of the organization desire, no one anywhere will ever be able to destabilize the situation in the world. Cohesion and unity are the key factors in confronting modern challenges and threats, including terrorism, extremism, and organized crime.

The growing number of states supporting the SCO’s mutually beneficial and peaceful existence of nations proves the increasing authority of the organization.

Two powerful states - India and Pakistan - are becoming its full members.

This is not just the most important result, but the courageous and responsible step of our organization. It is not just the most important result, it is a courageous and responsible approach of the SCO. It is necessary to say that there are certain problems in the relations between these wonderful powerful states. The fact that they have been accepted to the SCO means that you are responsible people. By doing it you took the problems on you.

I am sure that being a member of the SCO, India and Pakistan will not only approach the solution of some problems, but will solve them.

The base of the SCO is combating international problems: terrorism, extremism, organized crime. The priorities of Belarus in the security sector are identical to the main ideas of the SCO. Rebellion to drug and human trafficking and to illegal migration are on the list. The main task for the nearest future is to fulfil the economic development task.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The reason for instability is in it. I will be honest, Europe is suffering from a migrant flow today, but if Europe wouldn’t put barriers and destabilize this region but rather helped, then it wouldn’t have such a problem today. The announcement of Xi Jinping that China will be contributing into the development of not only the SCO states, but on the perimeter of the organization as well. It is very important from the point of view of illegal migration leading to global terrorism.

I am convinced that the strengthening of the SCO will contribute to the resolution of this problem. Belarus suggests considering certain projects (economic, investment, logistic and humanitarian), including active attraction of observer states. The fact that this issue was spoken of by China, Russia, other large and not poor SCO states means that this economic problem can be solved.

Much attention is being paid to the problems aimed at removing obstacles on the way of trade, service, capital and working force flows.

As against European antiglobalist tendencies, Eurasia demonstrates a strive for unification. The SCO has six member states and six observer states. There are partners as well, by they are currently “distant relatives”. However, the maps can be renewed now.

India and Pakistan are now full members of the SCO.

The organization is now turning into a continental organisation and represents interests of three billion people. The overall GDP will sum up to 33 trillion dollars. It was difficult to name Islamabad and New Delhi “partners” before. However, today’s geopolitical situation stirs into a dialogue.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
Allow me congratulate India and Pakistan on joining the SCO as full members of the organization.

As a result, the summit, 11 documents were signed.

It was agreed to combat terrorism together, the Astana Declaration and the Convention on Countering Extremism was signed. The power of chairmanship was devolved to China. The next meeting of SCO member states is planned to be held in summer 2018 in Beijing.

Rashid Alimov, SCO Secretary General:
The decision of the SCO members to augment agreed efforts on countering challenges and threats of security and to deepen the dialogue on ensuring complex security has been emphasized. The importance activating work on adopting the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism and on Ratification (taking into consideration national interests of SCO member states) has been stated as well.

As many as 19 UN universal legal instruments on combatting terrorism.

At the same time EXPO 2017 exposition is being held in Astana. During the five years of preparation for the event, pavilions of more than 100 hundred countries were built on 170 hectares of land. The topical exposition “energy of the future” submerges you into the world of fantastic scientific developments. The participation in the international exposition is a possibility to demonstrate its products.

The Belarusian pavilion made a bid on interactivity and innovations.

What is more, Kazakhstan is summing up the bonus from EXPO 2017: during the five years of preparation for the event as many as 55,000 new working places were created, the infrastructure was renewed, 200 new hotels were built.

It is expected that up to five million people will visit the exposition before September.

Before the SCO forum began, President Nazarbayev held an excursion at the national pavilion of Kazakhstan. The whole complex “EXPO” and Astana are presented there. The heads of delegations visited topical exposition dedicated to the energy of the future. All in all, 60 delegations came to the opening of the exhibition. Before the solemn event began, Alexander Lukashenko met with the Presidents of Turkmenistan, Serbia and Armenia.