India, Pakistan join Shanghai Cooperation Organization

India, Pakistan join Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Security and economic dimension. Alexander Lukashenko outlined the Belarusian priorities in the work of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Heads of states discussed topical issues in an extended format.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is one of the most influential communities that occupies more than 60% of the territory of Eurasia. India and Pakistan joined the Organization on June 9, 2017. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that being a donor of regional stability, Belarus can contribute into objective fulfillment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. What is more, Belarus is ready to strengthen its positions as a link between Europe and Asia.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
In the conjugacy with the efforts of the “Shanghai family”, the Belarusian initiative on establishing a new large scale dialogue between the East and the West reserves its actuality, the analogue to the Helsinki Process. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization cannot be ignored today due to the international agenda issues of today. Having negative experience of division and wars, Belarus serves as a positive example of peaceful coexistence of cultures and religions.

The increasing social instability in certain states and regions is closely connected with the level of the development. The reason for instability is in it. I will be honest, Europe is suffering from a migrant flow today, but if Europe wouldn’t put barriers and destabilize this region but rather helped, then it wouldn’t have such a problem today. The announcement of Xi Jinping that China will be contributing into the development of not only the SCO states, but on the perimeter of the organization as well. It is very important from the point of view of illegal migration leading to global terrorism. I am sure that the strengthening of the SCO will contribute to the resolution of this problem. Belarus suggests considering certain projects (economic, investment, logistic and humanitarian), including active attraction of observer states.

President Lukashenko emphasized that the current meeting is the continuation of a fateful dialogue that was started in Beijing at the One Belt, One Way forum. It is symbolic that the summit in Astana started at the same time as the EXPO 2017 exhibition did.

There is a Belarusian pavilion there. Its main peculiarity is interactivity. The visitors of the event have a possibility to see the latest Belarusian scientific developments, ecotranspaort, harvesters on gas fuel.