Pakistan might buy Belarusian agricultural technologies

Pakistan might buy Belarusian agricultural technologies

Belarus will export bay food to Pakistan in 2017 worth one million dollars. The plans were discussed at the meeting with the delegation from Islamabad in Minsk.

Pakistan is interested in establishing joint food processing plants and in buying Belarusian agricultural equipment. The partners are interested in the experience of Belarusian agrarians and the level of mechanization.

Ahmad Jamal, Deputy Minister of Food Security and Research of Pakistan:
Many products with high added value of processed goods are sold in Belarus. Pakistan is interested in processing agricultural goods with producing products of high added value in Pakistan.

Modern technologies used by Belarus; agriculture can be used in Pakistan as well.

Belarus and Pakistan are planning to increase the commodity circulation. Belarus is offered to buy rice and fruit, and is also offered to export milk, butter, cheeses, and meat and poultry products to Pakistan.