CEI countries see prospects in "green logistics"

CEI countries see prospects in "green logistics"

The joint efforts of the countries of the Central European Initiative will make it possible to remove barriers to commodity flows.

The possible joint modernization of transport and logistics infrastructures, simplification of customs procedures was discussed in Minsk on June 8 during a CEI meeting.

Representatives of 18 CEI countries, the Eurasian Economic Union, China and Lithuania see the prospects for future cooperation in implementing the principle of "green logistics" and "digital transport corridors".

It is possible to build bridges between Europe and Asia within the large-scale project "One Belt, One Road".

Belarus has already taken the first steps.

Anatoly Sivak, Transport and Communications Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Today if we talk about international cooperation Belarus' waybill is available to various states. A container train crosses the Belarusian border with the European Union in 30 minutes. You won't find many similar examples in the world.

Belarus is the main connecting hub between Europe and Asia. Cargo trains on the route of the Great Silk Road do pass through Belarus.

A large logistics center has been opened in the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park Great Stone.

Experts are considering further steps to upgrade the infrastructure, including in the border areas.