Presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan discuss bilateral relations, foreign policy


Presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan discuss bilateral relations, foreign policy

Alexander Lukashenko has begun a two-day visit to Kazakhstan The plane of the head of state landed at the Astana airport in the afternoon and the leaders of the two countries met immediately after Mr Lukashenko's arrival.

The presidents of Belarus and Kazakhstan discussed the agenda of bilateral relations. Among the other things they touched on interaction in integration associations.

On June 9, Alexander Lukashenko will attend a meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

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In addition, a visit to the international specialized exhibition Expo 2017 is planned. For Belarus, this is the second experience of participating in such a large-scale exhibition project. The exposition will be as interactive as possible. Visitors will be able to "get" any development.

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus: We will present 45 scientific and technical developments in infokiosks. But we provided such a function, our IT specialists worked well. Anyone can select the desired video and upload it to the mobile phone. While at the exhibition, people can download all the necessary information and then review it, contact the organizers and developers and learn more about these things. 

It's only Belarus that will have such functionality.

Alexander Lukashenko had a working meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev ahead of the exhibition.   The leaders do not hide friendly and economic sympathies for each other, and therefore their dialogue was open and honest.   

Personal meetings of the presidents of Belarus and Kazakhstan have already become a tradition.

There is an agreement on annual meetings. Lukashenka and Nazarbayev use every opportunity to discuss the current state and prospects of the bilateral relations. 

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You are our friends, brotherly people. And I know how much you prepared for this exhibition, how much is done. We will not just watch the pavilions, we will also study your experience regarding new exhibition centers. We have demolished one exhibition complex in Minsk's center and now the Emirates are building a hotel there.

We have planned the construction of a Belarusian exhibition center, so we will carefully study your experience.

Of course, we do not need such a scale. We will study this experience very carefully. And we would appreciated if you help us at least with architectural projects, say which experts to ask. We would be very grateful to you. This is the first thing. Secondly, as far as our relations are concerned, I know that you are paying a lot of attention to restoring objectivity and historical process. I know that you are a person committed to historical truth, I know how much you did to create the museum - this Akmol Labour Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland, abbreviated as ALZhIR... They were exiled from all over the Soviet Union here.

We have found interesting materials, which, perhaps, will serve as materials for the founding of our Belarusian exhibition in this museum.   

In recent years, Belarus-Kazakhstan cooperation has been based on feasible projects. The countries are moving along the clearly planned route of the "road map".  

The cooperation is boosted by the fact that both Belarus and Kazakhstan are in the Customs Union and the Single Economic Space.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan:
Over two and a half years we have invested $3 billion, built an entire district. You will see: this is the city with accommodation, hotels, congress halls for 2,000 seats, children's playgrounds, indoor and outdoor. After the end, an international financial center will be there. We take one site for a permanent exhibition, the other for a university laboratory. Everything will be used and all pavilions are unique.

As for our bilateral relations, I do not think that we have any problems.

In this central Asian region, 13 joint assembly plants of Belarusian equipment are now operated. Belarus' experience in farming is of particular interest to Kazakhstan, which is ready to adopt virtually everything from the construction of agro-towns to breeding. 

A farm to produce meat and milk products is being built in one of Kazakhstan's regions. It uses all the best practices developed by Belarus in this area.