Belarus' participation in CEI open up prospects for new projects

Belarus' participation in CEI open up prospects for new projects

The chairmanship of Belarus in the Central European Initiative will open a new page in the organization's activities, say representatives of the chambers of commerce and industry of 17 countries. The CEI meeting is taking place in Minsk.

The development of infrastructure and industrial cooperation opens access to integration resources for implementing projects, solves transport problems and also facilitates the removal of barriers and restrictions. That is, it helps businesses to develop.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
These 17 countries mean for us about 60% of our export portfolio in the European direction. We are talking about several billion US dollars. Developing our bilateral cooperation we solve the state's tasks regarding the increase of export.

Margot Klestil-Löffler, Alternate Secretary General of the Central European Initiative:
Our main task is to strengthen business ties between countries, chambers of commerce and industry. The Central European Initiative is a unique platform that allows Belarus to develop cooperation with 17 partners, as well as various international organizations, including the European Union.

Belarus opens new opportunities for the implementation of projects as a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, formed in 2014. In addition, partners from China came to Minsk to present the international trade chamber of the Silk Road, a China-backed global project.