Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs in Bobruisk: Rebirth of classic tunes

Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs in Bobruisk: Rebirth of classic tunes

The concert "Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs" took place in Bobruisk and became a sell-out. By the way, the tickets were sold out in just a few days. And that it is not surprising: almost three-hour show embraced tens of Belarusian hits of all times. Some classic songs received a new arrangement and were sung by both new and young stars as well as by experienced masters of the stage.

The concert hall, which seats nearly a thousand spectators, had no free seats remaining.

This year Bobruisk became the official cultural capital of Belarus. Such a large-scale tour is a good reason to justify that choice. Bubruisk residents proved that they do love Belarusian songs.

Bobruisk residents:
I love Belarusian songs. The concert is a very good and long-awaited. I love Belarusian artists.

No one sings like Anatol Yarmolenka!

Very cool concert, we really enjoyed it. Great!

We were looking forward to this concert! Of course, thank you! This is a great event for the town. I think all the people will be very happy.

Among the performers were those loved by several generations: Yadviga Poplavskaya, Anatol Yarmolenka, Valery Dayneko as well as bands Siabry, Verasy, Palac and others. About 30 hits, most of which have become popular. The familiar chords and lyrics. These are truly Belarusian songs, songs with Belarusian soul.

Oleg Khomenko, frontman of Palac band:
Of course, these are the songs that deserve to be inherited and we are doing the right thing making covers.

Leonid Bortkevich, Honored Artist of BSSR:
I am very grateful, Stolichnoe Televidenie for their very positive stance and protection of Belarusian song classics.

During two hours, the concert hall sang and greeted performers with rapturous applause. This is a kind of unity of the nation on stage. Ruslan Alekhno, who is himself a native of Bobruisk, was greeted especially warmly on stage. The famous singer often comes to the town but his participation in this tour is an exceptional case.

Ruslan Alekhno, singer:
The meeting with the Belarusian audience is special, and now it's doubly so because it is my homeland. Bobruisk is a town in which I was born and raised.

 у Бабруйску з аншлагам прайшоў канцэрт «Залатой калекцыі беларускай песні»

The CTV Channel will air the TV version of the concert in Bobruisk on 17 June. The large-scale musical tour will continue with a show in Borisov.