IAEA: Belarusian NPP takes into account all aspects of security

IAEA: Belarusian NPP takes into account all aspects of security

All aspects of safety at the Belarusian nuclear power plant are taken into account - from site selection and design to external interaction, reports the IAEA inspection team.

The mission published the final report following their work in Belarus from 16 to 20 January 2017. The document says that the Belarusian side has appropriately analyzed possible external risks and adopted the necessary measures to ensure security.

According to IAEA, the Belarusian NPP is also resistant to natural factors like extreme temperature fluctuations, tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning strikes.

Yya Malkina, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
Regarding issues that bothered the Republic of Lithuania: the crash of an aircraft, in terms of site selection (from the point of view of seismic assessment). The IAEA mission confirmed that these issues are fully covered in the documentation on the preparation of the construction of the nuclear power plant. From the point of view of our assessment, they confirmed what we have always told our colleagues from the Republic of Lithuania.

It is too early to speak about the reaction of the Lithuanian side to the IAEA assessment. It is known that the parties at present discuss the issues that have arisen in writing. However, the official Minsk has repeatedly stated its readiness to conduct a constructive dialogue with the Republic of Lithuania.