Alexander Lukashenko: Moldova can count on Belarus as reliable and open for cooperation partner


Alexander Lukashenko: Moldova can count on Belarus as reliable and open for cooperation partner

Moldova can count on Belarus as a reliable and open for cooperation partner. It was stated by Alexander Lukashenko on June 6, 2017. The President met with the Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip.

Long-term friendly and business relations connect Belarus and Moldova. The countries have never lost their ties. They develop trade and joint projects. The commodity circulation decreased lately; however, the surplus for Belarus is positive. Belarusian trolleybuses, buses and tractors are assembled in Moldova. Moldavian wines are bottled in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko said that it is high time to carry out more progressive projects.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
If you see something you need in Belarus and something Belarus can do for you, we will do it. Belarus keeps to this policy today. If you see that Belarus can help you somehow, tell us. As for Belarus, everything that interests us in Moldova, we began it altogether, we established joint plants, and there were no barriers. Maybe it all promoted normal functioning, survival both to Belarus and Moldova. I think we should under no circumstances lose it You can count on Belarus; we have always been and will always be a reliable partner for you. I am sure that nobody will push you out of the market here. What is more, we establish joint plants here. If Moldova wishes to the number of these plants can be increased. Juice and children’s food producing plants. We can the export these products to any point from here. Don’t even doubt investment guarantees.

Pavel Filip, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova:
I can say for sure that the relations between Belarus and Moldova are on a perfect level. I must say that it is thanks to you, thanks to a constructive approach, because Moldavians and I know and understand perfectly well that when Moldova was going through hard times, Belarus helped us.

Moldavian economy is open for privatization by Belarusian businessmen. International treaty framework between Belarus and Moldova consists of as many as 85 documents. An intergovernmental commission is working. Mutual interest towards commodity circulation increase and cooperation is shown by both Belarus and Moldova.