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Famous private tutor about entering universities in Belarus

Evgeny Livyant, the famous private tutor, expressed his opinion on the motivation of entering universities during the TV program “What’s going on?”

The attitude of parents towards entering universities is distorted. What is the mistake?

Evgeny Livyant, owner of an educational center, private tutor, teacher of the highest category:
I think that itit is not the parents’ mistake, it is the law, in the Labor Code. Because a person cannot climb up the career ladder without having higher education.

When we speak about employment, it is more likely that a person without experience but with higher education will be employed rather than a person who has just graduated from the university. Many young people face this problem today.

Evgeny Livyant:
Take a production line as an example. To become master or a head some department it is necessary to have higher education. In private companies it is the same, it is necessary to obey the Labor Code.

An administrator in my company must have higher education. For what?

Will they fine you if you employ and administrator without higher education?

Evgeny Livyant:
They haven’t inspected yet. I obey the law and I want to obey it. I think that it is imperfection of the law system and the Labor Code.

Famous private tutor about entering universities in Belarus