Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus, Penza region have everything for more beneficial cooperation

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus, Penza region have everything for more beneficial cooperation

The Penza region of Russia plans to open the production of potato starch using Belarusian technologies, construction and design services. This matter was discussed June 6 at a meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with the governor of that Russian region Ivan Belozertsev.

For example, the industrial sphere may become the locomotive of cooperation. Operating in the Penza region are dealers of large Belarusian enterprises producing agricultural and communal machinery. Meanwhile, there is room for growth in trade.

The annual mutual trade between the Penza region of Russia and Belarus is estimated at $50 million. As compared to 2015, it increased by 8% in 2016. Positive dynamism was recorded for the first time in the past few years.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Dealer centers of many Belarusian enterprises are successfully operating in the region. First of all, Amkodor, Gomselmash, Orsha Tool Factory and others. Projects of industrial cooperation are being implemented. At the same time, due to low economic efficiency, the joint production of Mogilevliftmash products was suspended. Given that Russia is seriously engaged in the modernization of the housing complex, renovation, one can't do without lifts. We see this also in other regions of Russia, where we have created facilities for joint production of elevators. Demand is decent. Therefore, I think, Mr Belozertsev, let both our and your experts figure out whether you have an opportunity to support this production initiative. It is useful to you.
We have all the possibilities for even more beneficial cooperation of the regions of our Belarus with the Penza region. You should know that you have come home. Maybe it's even better. We meet you with great pleasure here and are ready to offer all possible assistance. Not only because we are interested in cooperation with you, but simply because we are brotherly people. And we will live together for a long time. Therefore, I always welcome the governors who at one time saved our union of Belarus and Russia. I always meet with them. Know that if we can do something for you, for the Russians, we will do it with great pleasure. Even if it is sometimes unprofitable for us and we create competitive production facilities. I think that our markets here (and in the long term world markets, food, clothing and other areas) will be sufficient. The demand will only grow. That's why you can count on us.

Good dynamics in trade relations between Belarus and the Penza region is observed in 2017 too. And the growth is significant - by 60% - in the US dollar equivalent it is almost 25 million. It is worth noting that the Penza region at the moment does not have direct subjects of network distributing goods produced by Belarusian exporters. There is only a dealer network of some enterprises - products of engineering and consumer goods.

Prior to the meeting in the Palace of Independence, the delegation of the Penza region led by the governor honored the fallen during WWII. The guests laid a wreath and flowers at the monument on Victory Square in Minsk.

The visit of the delegation is not yet complete. They will then visit some enterprises of the machine-building sector, as well as leading farms of Belarus. The guests will get acquainted with the work of the agro-combine Snov and visit the exhibition Belagro 2017.