Minsk children's railway: Beginning of adult life and entertainment for kids

Minsk children's railway: Beginning of adult life and entertainment for kids

The first day of June is International Children's Day. We found a place in Minsk where children feel more mature and adults sometimes watch them as children. The children's railway in Minsk opened summer season 2017.

Ksenia Kovshik, train driver:
The most important thing that a train driver should do is follow the road to ensure that everything is working properly, follow the signals of the traffic lights, and station signs.

The children's railway is an independent organization. Here children have their own hierarchy and IDs. A variety of professions are available for the children.

Evgeny Tsyganov, train's head:
We have a lot of professions. These are the duty officer at the station Zaslonovo or Pionerskaya. Train driver. I also have my assistant, train master.

The train movement is watched at the control center. It is located at the station Zaslonovo. This panel is a microprocessor centralizer. Here you can see where the train is as well as all the traffic lights and the route of the train.

Dmitry Lutov, dispatcher:
The train is under our overpass. The green bar means that it is ready to go. We see open green signal. As soon as the train passes it the section will close.

In general, the train goes 20 minutes making one stop. The schedule is dense: about five trips a day. And the main task of these guys is make sure the passengers feel comfortable.

At one time in childhood we came here with parents each summer and went out at the stop "Sosnovyi Bor" to go for a walk. Now we decided to come here today with the child.

The children's railway is a kind of departure station for all the children who work here.

Valery is the head of the Children's Railway. He assures that this occupation helps students learn the basics of the profession and decide on their future career. Independence, mutual assistance and friendship are the qualities the children acquire here.

Valery Savich, head of the Children's Railway named after K. Zaslonov:
The guys who dream about the big railway, locomotives, and the romance of travel come here and find like-minded people. Every year an average of 60 children graduate. Of these, 40 people tie their life with a large railway.

The children's railway is a unique place. Over the 60 years, it has brought up several generations of railway workers.