App measuring blood pressure to be presented in Belarus

App measuring blood pressure to be presented in Belarus

Belarusians will soon use a smartphone instead of a hemo manometer: photos of the hand will be enough to measure blood pressure. Using a mobile device you will also be able to determine the quality of products in stores. For example, it is possible to find out which tomato is more mature simply looking at its image.

On June 2, scientists and programmers gathered for the first hackathon. This is a marathon where developers - programmers, designers, and managers - solve common problems. This time the organizers suggest participants to create innovative projects in accordance with world trends.

Sergey Besarab, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
With the help of WI-FI, it is possible to evaluate the parameters of heartbeat, respiration of a person and catch gestures. That is, we do not need any other equipment, a home router is enough. The same router can monitor the health of a child or an old person in an autonomous mode, by its own. It can potentially change the very concept of a smart home.

It is expected that the teams of scientists and programmers will try to solve a number of challenges in such areas as medicine, chemistry, genetics, and botany.

В Беларуси с помощью смартфона можно будет измерить давление и определить качество продуктов