More quality sand at Minsk Sea this summer


More quality sand at Minsk Sea this summer

Despite the fact that July is expected to be the hottest month, the beach season in Belarus has already begun. Communal services promise to improve the beaches.

For example, better-quality sand was transported to the shores of the Minsk Sea, Krinitsa and Drozdy reservoirs. Trucks make about four trips from the quarries of Logoisk District to beaches near Minsk.

Meanwhile, sanitary services are monitoring the quality of water and their verdict is expected very soon. Information about areas restricted for bathing should be placed on the beaches near water.

Much attention is paid to order and cleanliness in resort areas. Experts evaluate the beaches and the quality of infrastructure. Among the criteria is the presence of trash bins, cabins for changing clothes and, of course, parking facilities.

 к берегам Минского моря коммунальщики везут практически морской песок