How visa-free regime changed work of Belarusian border points


How visa-free regime changed work of Belarusian border points

The World Hockey Championship in 2021 will add work to Belarusian border guards. The previous world championship confirmed their high professionalism, however, this year has already marked a new stage of service for Belarusian border guards. Belarus has opened a visa-free regime for citizens of 80 states. And if you look at Europe, you can see that border security today comes to the forefront.

This is the international checkpoint Privalka. The border with Lithuania in the west of Belarus. Here flows a great deal of traffic from the European Union. Recently a visa in the passport was here an uncontested rule for entering Belarus. 7 months ago, one big exception emerged in the rules: "The Augustow Canal is a visa-free territory." So the new era of Belarusian tourism began.

Galina Buro, CTV:
The absence of a visa in the passport is compensated by such a document. It is issued by the Belarusian travel company when ordering a package of services via the Internet. This document is a kind of pass to the visa-free zone.

As a result, over 7 months the Grodno region was visited by more than 14,000 visa-free foreigners.

Border guards today remember with a smile how excited they were before the first meeting with such tourists. After all, border guards are not only representatives of the law, but also persons of national hospitality.

Jan from the Czech Republic can easily communicate with border guards in English, but he knows only a couple of phrases in Russian. However, he already knows the word "vareniki". He tasted this dish in Grodno three years ago. He says vareniki are not cooked in his native Prague, so he decided to take the opportunity to visit the Grodno region again on vacation, but without a visa. It's cheaper.

Jan, tourist (Czech Republic):
I have a permit for 5 days in the Grodno region. This is an opportunity to see Belarus. The fewer documents you need, the better.

Border guards also participate in informing foreigners. There were situations when the employees explained to tourists the conditions of visa-free entry, where one passport is not enough. Sometimes they find errors in documents and most of them are corrected on the spot. Very often the guests ask for advice on the cultural program.

Andrei Shoka, Head of the Border Control Department of the Grodno Border Group:
Often, tourists turn to the staff of the Border Guards with a request to explain or tell more precisely where to go and what to see and what entertainment is available in Grodno. Of course, the guards always explain that too and make some suggestions.

A resident of Polish Lodz, Wojciech, cannot imagine a trip without a bike. And this is not a problem. This border crossing Pererov in the heart of Belovezhskaya Pushcha is an ideal place for cycling.

Wojciech, tourist (Poland):
If I could not come without a visa, it is quite possible that I would not come. I remember such procedures from a long time ago, it was a huge stress. It took a long time to wait. And here this is a real pleasure. It took only several minutes, and it was nice. I did not have to worry about anything.

Maxim Ulitin, deputy head of the department of border control "Vysoko-Litovsk":
One person takes about 1.5-2 minutes. A tourist bus with 40 persons takes about 20-30 minutes. If the head of the tourist group is prepared, then everything is even faster.

With the start of the tourist season more and more tourists come to these areas of Belarus for weekends and holidays. Therefore, the number of employees has to be doubled.

Servicemen in green caps protect about 2,000 kilometers of the state border of Belarus. Belarus' borders are considered among the safest in the world. Perhaps they will become one of the most hospitable too.

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