Who and for what is awarded in Belarus?

Who and for what is awarded in Belarus?

Medals do not only show success in sports. As many as Belarusians were awarded with state awards this week for being brave and for their work. People who save lives during peaceful times are presented with the award “For Saved Life”.

Valery Pozhigan, acting head of fire search and rescue post in Domanovichi, Soligorsk district:
My colleague called me and said that a house was on fire. Valery says that he does not remember how he ran to help. It was his day off but he reacted quickly.

Valery Pozhigan:
The ceiling was on fire. There were two small children in the room. I took them and carried them outside, however, their parent were still indoors.

The parents were too busy putting their things together rather than trying to save lives of their children. In the end the father of the family thanked Valery for their saved lives.

Belarusian scientists, historians, politicians suggested correcting the awarding system in 2013. Anatoly Tozik took charge of the working group.

Anatoly Tozik, head of working group on perfecting state awards of the Republic of Belarus, director of the National Institute of Confucius of the BSU:
Heroic deeds when saving a person, let’s say from fire. The Medal for Bravery was usually given for deeds during war times. So we decided to rename to the Medal for Saved Life.

The Order Of Labor Glory will not substitute but will add to the Medal for Distinguished Labor.

Anatoly Tozik:
The present design of the Order for Labor was taken from two Soviet medals. In the end, I suppose, it turned out a nice-looking Order.

The design of the Order of Francysk Skaryna changed as well. More than 80 variants were looked at before choosing the right one. It was rather difficult for the designers to duplicate the profile of Skaryna’s face. It was now in a different size and different material as well.

Modelers and engravers worked in two shifts to get the design done with. However, there were 80 new orders for the new design of medals for them.

Kirill Korolevich, director of a plant:
It is a historic marker in a way. In hundreds of years of time the Order of Fransysk Skaryna will show how we saw history.

Teacher of Minsk Arts college was awarded the order this week.

Yelena Atrashkevich, teacher at Minsk State College of Arts, member of composers’ union of the Republic of Belarus:
It is a surprise for me but I will accept the award in any design. I understood that I will now have to work even harder and even more qualitatively.

The news was so unexpected that Yelena did not even have time to tell her mother about the award.

Yelena Atrashkevich:
My mum doesn’t know anything about it even now. The award I will get, 90% of it is my other’s work, love and care towards me.

Vladimir Shokov, a collector with 50 years of experience, is waiting for the new designs of awards.

Vladimir Shokov, member of the Heraldic Council of the President of the Republic of Belarus:
Why do new awards appear in Belarus? You see that the President travels to many countries, he signs contracts, and meets highest officials. The Order of Friendship is a must to have in such situation.

Vladiimir Shokov went through the war in Afghanistan, was injured and was awarded military awards.

Vladimir Shokov:
Grandchildren today do not know what the awards were like in those days. The need to be proud of their fathers and grandfathers.

Valery Balashkov was the first teacher to receive the People’s Teacher Award in Belarus.

Valery Barashkov, People’s Teacher of Belarus, physics teacher at Mogilev State Regional Lyceum No. 1:
I had students who found mistakes in any book. If I make a mistake at the blackboard the notice it straight away. The need to get used to it.

More than 40 years at the blackboard and more than 100 participants of subject Olympiads.

Valery Barashkov, People’s Teacher of Belarus, physics teacher at Mogilev State Regional Lyceum No. 1:
If a teacher helps a weak student to improve his knowledge then it is great achievement. However, kindness should be on the first place anyway.

The high award proved that Valery Barashkov’s hard work was not for nothing after all.