Oleg Novitsky returns from space: How will family meet the cosmonaut?

Oleg Novitsky returns from space: How will family meet the cosmonaut?

Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky has returned from space. And his family is waiting to meet him. I can imagine how excited are school workers in his native town of Cherven in the Minsk region. The cosmonaut with Belarusian roots, the hero of Russia, has completed another space expedition (he took the flag of the Republic of Belarus with him and we showed it in one of our previous programs). Last night, at the airport Chkalovsky, he was met by colleagues, relatives, and our correspondent Alena Syrova.

Oleg Novitsky tried to discharge the tense atmosphere at an altitude of 400 kilometers from the Earth with his usual humor. How else?! In just a few minutes, his space expedition will pass perhaps the most dangerous stage - descent and return to Earth.

Oleg Novitskiy returned to the Earth with the Frenchman Tom Pesquet, but the American Peggy Whitson stayed on the ISS for another four months.

The body of astronauts is incredibly overloaded during the trip back from space. However, Earth looks really spectacular.

During his 197-day trip Oleg Novitsky conducted hundreds of scientific experiments.

During the descent he observed the crystallization of protein. The results of the study will be very useful in medicine. But it will all matter only after a successful landing...

A smile of relief appears on the faces of Oleg's wife and daughter only after the search and rescue team finds the capsule in the Kazakh desert. Oleg breathes in the steppe air, which is a long-awaited moment, because the ISS does not have any smells at all.

Yulia Novitskaya, Oleg Novitsky's wife:
Today it seemed to me that he looks a little better than after the first landing. Most likely because the body knows how to adapt to Earth conditions. I think that this time it will be easier for him to undergo rehabilitation, although the last time he did recover quickly.

The landing was planned two weeks earlier. However, when the landing time was confirmed, Oleg made a culinary order from outer space.

Yulia Novitskaya:
He ordered a potato pie and fried pork ribs. Pork ribs are already fried and the cake is still in the process. I'll finish it when I get home.

Typically Belarusian preferences, we should say. Oleg lifted Belausian flag in orbit for the second time, looked at the cities of Belarus through the porthole and sent a number of photos of Belarus from space. By the way, cosmonaut Novitsky will come to Belarus to spend his first vacations, but before that he will have to undergo rehabilitation.

During the next 21 days, Oleg will have to learn how to stand firmly on the Earth. 7 months and 1 day - that's how long their dad was absent.

Their child Rita said her first word and made first steps, which Oleg saw thanks to the Internet. But no technology will replace live communication. The eldest daughter Yana counted every minute before the meeting.

Yana Novitskaya, daughter of the cosmonaut:
7 months lasted very long. A piece of you was torn off and sent somewhere.

Alena Syrova, correspondent:
Russian military airfield Chkalovsky, Moscow suburbs. It's almost impossible for foreign journalists to get here, but on June 3, at 2am, we are here. In several minutes, our countryman Oleg Novitsky will come here on a special plane from Kazakhstan. Here it is - the long-awaited return.

Touching moments of the long-awaited meeting are over and the bus takes Oleg to the Star City.

Ahead is the second birth - this is how cosmonauts themselves call the rehabilitation period.

But for Belarus and Belarusians, the main conclusion is already obvious: the star flight of Oleg Novitsky is a reason for national pride and hope for new reasons to look up into the sky.