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Belarusian Lawyers’ Union to consider business simplification suggestions

More than 500 suggestions on business simplification in Belarus have been made. Experts are now looking into the initiative carefully. The law draft was brought up to the public’s discussion in April. Many suggestions were made by lawyers.

This topic was touched upon at the meeting of the Belarusian Lawyers’ Union, which was headed by Valery Mitskevich, the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration.

Valery Mitskevich, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Chairman of the Belarusian Republican Lawyers’ Union:
It is one of the elements of getting feedback from the public. When a project is published, people then can read it and express their opinion on some drawbacks, on what needs to be added, on what needs perfecting. The discussion is over and the Belarusian government is already getting a package of statutory instruments ready. I suppose that they will soon be transferred to the President for consideration.

In order for the legislation to be perfected in this sector, a special working group has been created consisting of lawyers, businessmen and representatives of corresponding agencies. The draft law covers substantial loosening up for entrepreneurs. For instance, a moratorium on inspections. What is more, the procedure of conducting a business has been simplified to its minimum.

Belarusian Lawyers’ Union to consider business simplification suggestions