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New tanks passed into Belarus’ Army service

New tanks have been passed into service by the Belarusian Army. The combat vehicle T-72 B3 is equipped with an engine of 1130 horse powers and with a side screen with a removable modular equipment set. The system of fire control has been perfected; it increases the efficiency of and the hit precision at a distance up to five kilometers.

The new main gun is notable for accuracy life. As for the additional elements, modernized fire equipment and a radio station have been installed.

Andrei Ravkov, Belarus’ Defense Minister:
We move on in two directions. We modernize, restore machinery at Belarusian plants and are following the way of military and technical cooperation with the Russian Federation. The results of modernization have shown that this is the very way Belarus needs to follow, because a new tank has far more possibilities than those tanks which are in service.

It is planned that the new model of a Belarusian combat vehicle will partake in the international tank biathlon in August.

New tanks passed into Belarus’ Army service