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Photovoltaic station installed in Marjina Gorka

Sun energy is turned into money in “”SOS-Children’s Village” in Marjina Gorka. A photovoltaic station was installed not so long ago, however, it has already proved its efficiency.

As many as 70% from the total amount of used electricity is saved with the help of the station during the day.

Dmitry Koltovich, director of “SOS- Children’s Village Marjina Gorka”:
There are two effects: and economic effect ( the economy of electricity, which is used by the children’s village) and it is a social effect for children. We teach our children how to save energy on simple examples. We tell them that they need to turn the light off were it shouldn’t be on, in the kitchen or in other rooms, when nobody is there. We did not spend a penny from the district budget, it is the other way round, it attracts funds to the district.

The technology has been implemented with the support of the small grant program of the Global Ecological Fund in Belarus. This system functions in the Children’s Village in Borovlyany. The photovoltaic station brings benefits for the planet’s climate. The Children’s village now pays a lot less for electricity.

Photovoltaic station installed in Marjina Gorka