Minsk Dialogue conference underway in Belarus capital


Minsk Dialogue conference underway in Belarus capital

Belarus strives for equal trade and economic relations with all foreign partners, said on June 2 Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei at an international conference within the framework of the Minsk Dialogue Initiative.

A complicated financial situation is observed all over the world. However, Belarus' striving for equality in trade and economic relations with all countries will help Minsk occupy its niche in international markets and ensure economic security. Belarus is open for cooperation. At the moment, negotiations are under way on the accession of our country to the World Trade Organization. This will open new opportunities for domestic exporters.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
In a short time we will conclude negotiations with the remaining states, there are about 10-15 of them. We work actively on the Geneva site, we are working in Brussels with our European partners. The work is on. We will shortly pass the segment of the way we want to pass.

Experts consider the simplification of the visa regime between Belarus and the EU as an important aspect in establishing a productive dialogue. Belarusian diplomats are actively negotiating in this direction. Meanwhile, foreign investors are showing increasing attention to Belarus too. Significant interest is for the sector of high technologies.

Douglas Griffiths, Associate Director for International Liaison, European Center for Security Studies:
There are ingredients for the economic security of a country. These are international relations and technologies. And Belarus has an advantage here. This is a strong educational base. You have many technical specialists, engineers, who can promote the country in this area.

On June 2, the "Minsk Dialogue" is attended by diplomats, politicians and public figures. The topics of the international meeting are economic security in the world and the role of Belarus between East and West.