Video: Belarus' military rehearsing for Independence Day Parade


Video: Belarus' military rehearsing for Independence Day Parade

The last preparations for the parade in honor of Independence Day are being held near Minsk. Military equipment is being prepared and soldiers are being trained. The length of the mechanized column this year will exceed 2.5 kilometers. The audience will see the novelties of the Belarusian military industry: Caiman armored cars, Volat border vehicles. Radio relay stations Tsitrus will be presented at the parade for the first time.

Alexander Luchyonok, CTV:
This is the only retro-example that will be presented at the parade on July 3. The legendary T-34 tank. This very tank will be at the head of the mechanized column, and this is more than 220 military vehicles.

Denis Zevalich, Senior Lieutenant, commander of T-34:
When I found out, for me it was a surprise and a great honor to lead the parade. This parade will be the first one for me. I take it very seriously.

There will be no legendary Katyushas and SU-100 this time. Emphasis will be made on new technologies.

Mechanics of the missile-antiaircraft complex Polonez know everything about their favorite vehicle. They say 'this girl' has never let them down in trainings.

Roman Guchenkov, senior mechanic of the Polonez missile-antiaircraft complex:
We take care of her, so that everything is fine and clean. We also observe distance from other cars so that it does not get into an accident.

This will be the third time Polonez will have been shown. Among other highlights, the antiaircraft artillery complexes 2K20 Zenit will be presented for the first time.

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