Belarus increasing dairy supplies to China

Belarus increasing dairy supplies to China

Belarusian dairy products are conquering the markets of Southeast Asia and Africa. In 2017, Belarusian producers opened the market of Egypt for further supplies.

Meanwhile, Belarus is one of the world's top five exporters of dairy products. The geography of supplies covers more than 30 countries. Together with Australia, Belarus shares third place in the list of the largest butter exporters. In terms of cheese deliveries Belarus is confidently holding fourth place in the world. Today, one of the tasks is diversification of sales markets.

Алексей Богданов, начальник главного управления внешнеэкономической деятельности Министерства сельского хозяйства и продовольствия Республики Беларусь

Alexei Bogdanov, head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus:
In the first decade of 2017, we supplied to China 3,000 tons of milk more than last year. This is a big indicator, because the Chinese market is not empty, and we have to compete with the world's milk producers and transnational companies. And now we deliver ultrapasteurized milk in packages, butter, milk powder and expanding the product range supplying cheese and packaged butter.

On June 1, the world celebrates International Milk Day. This holiday is in the calendar of many countries, because milk is one of the most popular drinks in the world.