Belarusian-German Business Cooperation Council resumes work in June 2017

Belarusian-German Business Cooperation Council resumes work in June 2017

Belarus is interested in Germany's experience in improving economic legislation, privatization, and the flow of investment and technology in those business areas that are well developed in that country. The Belarusian-German Business Cooperation Council resumed work after a break on June 1 in Minsk.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
It is important for us to cooperate precisely within this Council, because businessmen will meet and work here. Business speaks the same language, business is faster, and if business sees benefits, it will work even in those countries between which there may be some political difficulties. 

I think that closer interaction of business, a closer interweaving of mutual interests, mutual projects will allow us to eventually come to a quicker solution to some of the political difficulties that exist today between, figuratively speaking, the East and the West.

The Business Cooperation Council is a platform for business meetings, as well as discussions and solutions to problematic issues making dialogue between countries more difficult.

Felix Zimmermann, co-chairman of the Belarusian-German non-governmental Council of Business Cooperation: 
We are going to make the Council a platform for interaction between business and government agencies. Terms and conditions for investors in Belarus are constantly improving. Not so long ago you started a five-day visa-free regime, which allows the business community to visit the country more frequently. We want to make every effort so that new businessmen come to Belarus and make operations more efficient for those who are already working here.