Belarusian youth reviving popular Soviet military sports game


Belarusian youth reviving popular Soviet military sports game

Brest is reviving traditions of the Soviet military sports game Orlyonok (Eaglet). 19 teams from all districts of the Brest region competed in the run with barriers, relay, sports shooting and others.

Often it is called the most mass game of the 20th century. Long before the computer games era that was quite a popular pastime. Girls tried themselves in the role of military nurses while boys acted as front-line soldiers. Eaglet, like nothing else, tempered the character and prepared children for adult life.

Yuri Oshurkevich, teacher:
They are creating a common cause and, undoubtedly, they feel this fighting spirit. This cannot be conveyed in words. It is only possible to feel in the combat activity what your comrade means, what mutual assistance means to you.

Ivan Fedorov, participant:
I learned how to assemble an assault rifle, dismantle it and march. I think it will be useful to me in the future, because I'm going to enter the Military Academy.

Drilling and shooting, military life and creativity in fresh air - all this adds a special flavor to the modern version of Eaglet.

 в Бресте возрождают традиции военно-спортивной игры «Орленок»

Piotr Butrim, CTV:
Barriers, logs and barbed wire. Not everyone will cope with this set of barriers. Physical training is a must here. Not everyone manages to overcome it from the first attempt but nobody gives up. Here these guys help each other and cherish the value of friendship.

After drills, the kids enjoy military cuisine and sing songs by the fire. Belarus is almost the only place where the spirit of military sports games is still alive.