Tour of Minsk's Palace of Independence: Visitors' impressions


Tour of Minsk's Palace of Independence: Visitors' impressions

On May 26, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko spent a day communicating with schoolchildren. The meeting was held in one of Minsk's schools where three hundred young people and the President discussed a variety of topics.

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It's a good practice to arrange tours to such iconic places for the most talented young Belarusians.

During such tours, doors even to the private office of the President are open for the young and talented children.

The hall of ceremonial receptions, a hall for presentation of state awards and credentials, a room international meetings, a fireplace hall for tete-a-tete negotiations, and a historic Green Hall, where the Normandy 4 talks were held.

Nikita Chernyavsky, cadet, Cadet School:
I've been to many very beautiful places, but I've never seen one like this before. This is really very impressive, both in terms of size and the beauty of the interior itself. It's really very impressive, and you need to see it with your own eyes!

Note: Please watch the video to see the interior of the Palace of Independence