Belarus considers CEI as platform for cooperation with EU

Belarus considers CEI as platform for cooperation with EU

Belarus regards cooperation with the countries of the Central European initiative as a platform for cooperation with the EU. The CEI includes about 20 states. From an economic point of view, this is a big market: from F.Y.R. Macedonia to Belarus with a population of 250 million people.

Belarus offers partners interaction in various areas: from IT to construction. By the way, Belarus is presiding in this organization in 2017. Belarus is ready to expand cooperation to the borders of the Eurasian Economic Union. Many partners are already showing interest in us.

Susanne Kurz, member of the Federal Council of Austria:
In cooperation with Belarus and Austria, much has already been done we plan to increase investments. Interaction will be promoted in the technical and scientific areas. I cannot but mention the high level of cooperation in education.

Franc Trček, Member of the Parliament of Slovenia:
We will cooperate in traditional spheres, and also establish contacts in IT, agriculture and city management. Looking at Minsk I can say you are doing well!

Many countries in the CEI are long-standing trading partners of Belarus. In 2016 alone, they invested in Belarus more than $800 million. In 2017, Belarus will also hold a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the CEI.