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Exhibition "Bridge. From Rembrandt to Appel" opens in Minsk

The Netherlands through the eyes of Belarusians. The exhibition project "Bridge. From Rembrandt to Appel" has opened in Minsk. The exposition includes works by five young artists. Among the exhibits there are paintings, photographs, installations and video films.

All this is a reflection of modern Holland, as it was seen by the authors. The canvases reflect the North Sea, fussy Amsterdam, cozy Utrecht, and The Hague. The best bit of the exhibition is still life mimicking the style of painting geniuses Van Gogh, Brueghel, Vermeer and Escher.

Irina Kuznetsova, curator of the exhibition:
There is a general concept: to make Holland as an association of some feelings so that people would like to see and find out more about it. They will come and ask why. And maybe they will learn something.

The authors of the exhibition note that one should look at the works of art guided only by intuition. Rational thinking will not help in this matter. Only then will the viewer feel the line between reality and fiction. The exhibition in Minsk will be open until 18 June.

Exhibition "Bridge. From Rembrandt to Appel" opens in Minsk