From banal to unique surgeries: medical tourism in Belarus

From banal to unique surgeries: medical tourism in Belarus

People come to Belarus to study and for medical treatment. The export of medical services grew by 20% in three months. Belarusian doctors treated 150,000 foreigners in 2016 and it summed up to 40 million dollars. This figure is growing. It was 4 million less in 2015.

Belarus is known as a medical fairy tale for patients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Western countries. Some Israeli man needed to have an operation done but was refused by foreign surgeons. Not because he had no money but because the specialists weren’t sure that they would cope with it. Belarusian surgeons operated on him successfully and for a lower cost.

Medical tourism today is a huge industry. Its world circulation sums up to 40 – 70 billion dollars. As many as 14 million people were looking for cheap but qualitative medical services last year.

Many celebrities write that Belarusian specialists put them back on their feet. It is a norm to come to Belarus and improve health today. Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital has a list of services provided by the establishment. Signs in the English language help the patients to find their way round.

Andrei Korolko, head doctor of Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital:
The majority of foreigners come from the former Soviet countries. Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.

Nairi Eranosyan, travel agency director:
We are used to seeing patients. However, everything is clear and well understood.

No surgeons do things as Belarusian surgeons do. Organ transplant organs learnt how to transplant a heart and kidneys at the same time. And they learnt how to support their patients.

Dmitry Pinevich, First Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
As many as 150,000 foreign patients come to Belarusian medical establishments. This stream is rather stable and it shows the quality of medical services in Belarus.

Russian women come to Belarus to give birth. They know that there is no maternal; mortality in Belarus.

Ludmila Roslik, deputy head doctor of Vitebsk Regional Clinical Maternity Hospital:
Vitebsk Maternity Hospital provides medical services for CIS citizens and for citizens of the far abroad. Nearly 60 from these countries gave birth in Vitebsk last year.

The Republican Science-Practical Center “Cardiology”saves lives every day. There is no difference whether this person has money or not. Surgeons have a person and their main task is to save this person’s life.

Nadezhda Lobanok, chief economist of the non-budgetary department, the Republican Science-Practical Center “Cardiology”:
People from the CIS, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the Baltic states come to our center. The come for a checkup or an operation.

It all began a long time ago. Medical tourism in Belarus is developing and taking new shape. With every day there are more and more people who say thank you.

Dmitry Pinkevich:
The level of high technologies in Belarus is to the European standards.

Andrei Korolko:
From banal operations on the abdominal cavity and to unique ones as on the abdominal aorta.

Belarus holds on of the leading positions in medical service export because Belarusian doctors save lives of those who were refused help somewhere else.

Nadezhda Lobanok:
People are satisfied with the service, the equipment is of high quality, and they are satisfied with the way patients are treated and the prices as well.

Belarusian specialists do not see any difference from which country the patient is from. Their main task is to help and save lives.