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Press tour for Russian journalists held in Brest region

Russian journalists see tourism in Brest region. Journalists from Moscow and Volgograd regions, among them are future bloggers as well, visited the Grebnoy Canal in Brest Fortress.

Yulia Vasileyva, journalist of “Union Belarus-Russia” newspaper:
It was very interesting for me to find out that parents can come here with children and have a rest. We never thought that the Canal could be used as a tourist resort. It is a place where you can do sports. There are hotels nearby and they can teach you rowing here as well.

Ella Taranova, journalist of international information agency “Russia today”:
Many friends of mine from Moscow visit Minsk at weekends. Brest and the Belovezhskaya Pushcha can be places for a holiday as well.

Russian journalists will get acquainted with a colorful Belarusian farm house. The group will also visit the Belaya Vezha Tower in Kamenets and the Nemtsevichi Estate in the village of Skoki. The three-day-tour will end with an excursion to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Press tour for Russian journalists held in Brest region