What will Belarus present at World Expo EXPO 2017?

What will Belarus present at World Expo EXPO 2017?

On May 29, Belarus presented its developments that will be shown at the World Expo 2017. The annual forum will open in mid-June in the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana. In 2017, more than a hundred countries will present their vision of the future energy to at least two million visitors. Belarus is transporting to the EXPO electric buses, trucks and combines on gas fuel and smart home technologies.

Yevgeny Lazarev, Head of the Department of Exhibition and Fair and Congress Activity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
We are counting on the maximum possible economic effect. On the basis of the pavilion we will open a store where we will widely represent all of our famous brands. Both in Kazakhstan and in other countries. Nevertheless, for ordinary visitors and businessmen from some countries, they will be presented for the first time.

In Q1 2017, the trade turnover with Eurasian Economic Union countries, where Belarus and Kazakhstan are members, rose by 30%. Of course, participation in EXPO should become another impetus because this is one of the best sites for promoting country brands.

Sergey Fedorovich, General Designer of the Scientific and Technical Center for Combine Building, Gomselmash:
If we are now releasing a STAGE3 ecology-level machine with electronic engine control, this vehicle will have an engine that corresponds to the STAGE5 ecology. This is what engine-building firms are still working on. They will be released in Europe only in 2018. But this vehicle will immediately correspond to this level of ecology.

Belarus will also take to the forum models of electric bus and MAZ on gas fuel. Multimedia technologies will tell EXPO visitors all about latest Belarusian scientific developments: turbines of a new type, modular water treatment plant, photocells, biogas plants, and energy-efficient building materials. Smart homes is now a world trend. Belarus will also promote promising investment projects.

Alexander Shumilin, head of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus:
We have significant projects in which we wanted to significantly modernize our chemical industry in order to increase the processing of both oil and other elements, to develop our chemical industry. In the field of energy, we will also present the construction of the hydroelectric power station in the Beshenkovichi district, that is, the use of water energy, as well as a number of other projects.

Eight infokiosks installed in Belarus' pavilion will allow you to download the information you need about Belarus to your gadget right on the spot. Among other things Belarus will show about 40 pictures of different authors from the countries united by the Silk Road project. This is the art exhibition "From Lisbon to Vladivostok through Kazakhstan". The Day of Belarus at EXPO 2017 is scheduled for August 16. In general, as expected, the exhibition will bring together many kinds of technologies: from a smart home and electric transport to space energy.

EXPO will be held from June 10 to September 10. More than a hundred countries as well as international organizations and private companies have confirmed their participation. In addition to the business program there will be thousands of entertainment events. The organizers say about two million people will attend the exhibition. Traditionally such EXPO events are visited by VIP guests - politicians and even members of royal families.