Unique musical duo: 85-year-old pensioner and prominent Belarusian bluesman

Unique musical duo: 85-year-old pensioner and prominent Belarusian bluesman

Lidia Drobishevskaya, a pensioner, could not grasp the guitar strings and she learnt how to play the instrument using an incandescent lamp. This is what made her famous. The CTV correspondent Alexander Dobriyan was the first one to film an interview with the unusual musician. Lidia Drobishevskaya, who is 85 years old by the way, is of interest to the American TV Channel MTV. What is more, Alexander organized a duo for Lidia with a famous Belarusian bluesman.

The pensioner has no idea about musical notes but she has already won hearts of millions.

Lidia Drobyshevskaya, pensioner, musician:
I am unique? There are no people like me in the world? They should learn how to play then.

He is one of the best bluesmen of Belarus, a prominent songwriter and artist, his guitar is known by music lovers from all over Europe. A perfect combination for and artistic experiment.

Lidia Drobyshevskaya, pensioner, musician:
Did people ask me to teach them play the guitar? Well. There weren’t able to and they won’t cope with it.

It turns out that the method Lidia Drobyshevskaya uses to play her guitar with a lamp has an analogue in classical blues. Sergei Kurek was challenged.

Sergei Kurek:
Why is this granny of such interest to everyone? Bluesmen used such equipment before. It is called “bottleneck”. You put it onto your finger and touch the strings. It is made of glass. The way that Lidia did it. However, Belarusian people of an age like this are far from blues. It is even impossible to imagine how far they are.

The day has come. A professional recording studio, two guitars and two views on music. Sergei Kurek, bluesman: It was a challenge. We were surprised that she agreed. She gave it a go. She has rhythms of her own. It needs to be felt well. The composition Lidia Drobyshevskaya performed the Soviet hit “I love you, life” using a lamp and in her very own variation. Like any other blues composition? The track got an English name “You Are My Hope”.

The track can be listened to HERE.

The participants of the experiment waited for the reaction of Lidia most of all.

Lidya Drobishevskaya, pensioner, musician:
The music is good. It is important for people to play music. Music is curable.

Sergei Kurek, bluesman:
I had strong emotions about Lidia. She strives for music so much. She is a deeper musician then me and many other musicians I know from Belarus and Europe. She picks up the guitar and begins to play it. She is a true star.