Maksim Bogdanovich 100th death anniversary marked in Belarus

Maksim Bogdanovich 100th death anniversary marked in Belarus

The classic writer of Belarusian literature Maxim Bogdanovich (Maksim Bahdanovič) passed away 100 years ago. One of the most beloved writers is still in the hearts of Belarusians a century later. On May 25, a monument to the poet gathered fans of his works, with fresh flowers being laid to the foot of his monument.

An incredible talent and tragic fate. Maxim Bogdanovich died too early. His heart stopped in the Crimea, when the poet was only 25, but he left a great literary heritage. Maksim Bogdanovich's poetry is rightly regarded as an achievement all the European poetry of the early 20th century.

Olga Dashkovskaya, grandniece of Maksim Bogdanovich:
He left us memory on how to love your land, your homeland as a treasure. It is a big loss for us, not only because I'm his relative. As a whole, that was a great poet... His life was so short.

Dmitriy Yatskevich, director of the State Museum of History of Belarusian Literature:
We carry Bogdanovich in our heart and always remember him. What is being done in Belarus to perpetuate the memory of Maksim Bahdanovič deserves respect. This is how we need to treat famous people; it goes for foreign countries too.

A service was held for the poet at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Pavel in Minsk.