Belarus to hold Independence Day parade in 2017

Belarus to hold Independence Day parade in 2017

All the might of the Belarusian army will be presented at the parade on Independence Day July 3. The details of the upcoming holiday were discussed with the Belarus President on May 29. Alexander Lukashenko instructed to organize and hold the parade at a high level.

It was decided that the parade will be held on July 3 at 10 am.

It is planned to use 220 units of machinery, including such innovations of the Belarusian military industry as the armored car Caiman.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Since we decided to hold the event, first of all, a parade of troops, this should be a parade, and a show of prototypes. The people must see what the Belarusian army is, what it does and, above all, what it uses. And people should see the face of their defenders, soldiers of all the Armed Forces, not only the army, but also border guards, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. If we decided to hold a parade, it should be a real parade, impressive. After all, why else would we hold it? This is a demonstration, we show people that we don't waste money allocated for the army.

At the end of the parade, some military vehicles will remain on the street - all those who wish can not only examine the samples, but also take a photo next to them. On May 29, the concept of other festive events was discussed at the Palace of Independence too.