Belarus to take part in Silk Way Rally 2017


Belarus to take part in Silk Way Rally 2017

The Belarusian Rally Championship took place near Polotsk on 27 and 28 May.

Taking part in the race were almost 20 crews on off-road cars and trucks.

24-year-old Alexei Vishnevsky has already got into the history of racing not only in Belarus but also in the world.

He was named the youngest truck driver in the history of international competitions at Dakar. The debut brought the young man 21st place.

Alexei Vishnevsky, participant of the Belarusian Rally-Raid Championship "Belarus-2017":
Here, the forest and a narrow strip is all around here, so you're driving like in a tunnel. And everywhere, for example, in Russia, there are steppes around, there are few forests. If we compare with Argentina, these are high-speed wide roads.

By the way, Belarusian trucks will take part in the prestigious international championship Silk Way in July.

Representing the country will be well-known Sergei Vyazovich, who got into the top 10 Dakar drivers in 2017.

Sergey Vyazovich, truck driver:
We want to show Belarusian fans our machinery, which they see only on TV, when we perform in South America, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. Here they can see firsthand how powerful these guys are, how fast and beautiful.

We want to please the audience. We take pride in the machinery produced in Belarus.

Olga Roshenkova, organizer of the Belarusian Rally Championship Belarus 2017:
The essence of the race is to quickly drive through a certain section of the road, off-road. The peculiarity of this route is that it is very extended for Belarusian conditions, more than 100 kilometers.

A feature of the rally is that the route is kept secret until the race.