How will education system change in Belarus?

How will education system change in Belarus?

The academic year in schools is coming to an end, and, frankly speaking, it has already ended, since the last few days do not play that much role. However, it is going to be a busy summer for the education system, scientists and teachers, because several changes are going to be introduced from September 1. It is necessary to update curricula, make changes to textbooks (everything will not be copied in a short time, but something needs to be done) and lessons will begin at 9 am in most schools in Belarus, at least where it is possible. This was reported by the Minister of Education, Igor Karpenko, who met with the head of state on Friday. On that day, President Lukashenko visited one of Minsk's schools. Olga Petrashevskaya has the report.

Eight-graders Denis and Nikolai themselves construct mini robots and program not toys on wheels.,

Nikolay Nikityuk, pupil of the secondary school in the village of Cherni (Brest region):
This is a color sensorб for example. It determines the brightness of the reflected color and thus adjusts the distance.

Denis Usovich, pupil of the secondary school in the village of Cherni (Brest region):
Grandfather was also an inveterate mechanic, he repaired the whole yard for free. Maybe I inherited this passion from him.

Belarusian students are talented, no doubt about that. However, to keep up with the times, it is necessary to update textbooks in time. The President was reported this week on reforms in the educational system.

Igor Karpenko, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
We already apply the so-called animated pictures in books for first-grade students: the picture comes alive with the help of an app. The same technologies will be used in new textbooks in order to evoke a certain interest.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
It's decent. I do not know how expensive this is, but it's decent.

Belarusian schoolchildren will get a number of new books by September 1, 2017. Until 2019, the benefits of new textbooks will be studied and then the rest of textbooks will be adjusted.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Where possible, we will simplify it but not excessively. I agree that we need to bring even mathematical exercises closer to life, let alone biology, chemistry, and physics. So that the student understands the practical need for this. Then it all will be useful.

Lyudmila Korneenko, geography teacher, Vitebsk:
I consider, as a geography teacher, that textbooks need to be changed so that there are multilevel tasks, so that there is a methodical apparatus for preparing for Olympiads. Those who take part in these Olympiads need teaching materials but we in Vitebsk lack them.

Danila from Minsk has developed a 3D printer in his room, which now collects awards of prestigious youth competitions. The ninth-grader dreams to launch the production of these devices. Alexander Lukashenko asked the student how he could help.

From September 1, 2017, the first lesson in more than 80% of schools across Belarus will begin at 9 am instead of 8am earlier.

Alexander Lukashenko:
In order for a person to learn the material, he or she must feel good. Therefore, it seems to me that the goal here is children's health and the ability to absorb information.

Natalia Kulinkovich, student at the Zabolotskaya secondary school (Minsk region):
I would like to sleep a bit more, at leave 30 minutes. Yesterday I finished learning the poem and fell asleep late. I don't feel good. Today I have 7 lessons. I'm afraid I will sleep most of the time.

Anna Kulinkovich, Natasha's mother:
I go up early. Sometimes at 3am. My daughter comes at 16.40, she does not eat but rushes to bed to sleep a bit. We need lessons to start at 9 o'clock, so that children can really rest, get enough sleep.

Lessons at this local school begin at 8.15. Many teachers know in advance: you will hardly get any educational feats from kids at the first lesson. It's already good if they don't fall asleep.

Elena Dombrovskaya, primary school teacher of Zabolotskaya secondary school (Minsk region):
We put some easier lessons in the morning so that children can wake up.

It's better to start at 9am, because you can still wash, comb your hair, help your mother. She has goats, ducks, and chickens.

You can have time to exercise, sleep and eat.

Graduates from across Belarus were pleased to hear that the 2017 Centralized Test tasks will fully correspond with the school curriculum. No more tricky questions.

During informal communication with the President, school students asked the President not only about the tests. Alexander Lukashenko answered dozens of questions in details and frankly.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The main thing is your land on which you were born. Therefore, I advise you not as President, but as a person: do not lose your land. Live on your land and try to do something for the country where you were born, for those people thanks to whom you became great, perhaps become leaders.

At the end of the conversation, the President advised schoolchildren to listen to everyone - both teachers and parents - when choosing their future profession. But the decision should be made by the students themselves.