Expert on Belarus’ economic potential

Expert on Belarus’ economic potential

Towns will certainly not be left to the mercy of fate. It is vivid from the active work of the high authorities. And it is a Belarusian method to preserve, fix and wait for the possibility to modernize plants, the economy, the political system and the consciousness of people.

This is the opinion of Alexander Nakipelov, a famous economist and an Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This is a fragment of his interview from the TV Program “Simple Questions” with Egor Khrustalev.

Alexander Nakipelov, economist, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences:
A lot was connected with the role of Belarus’ national economy complex in the national economy complex of the Soviet Union. However. it turned out that the things Belarus was proud of were a big problem. When the common economic space collapsed, which was due to the transition to market economy, it caused a lot of problems. Connections between countries started to break. There was a problem of what to do next.

Many people in Russia criticize us that we did not carry out industrial policy, in other words, that we did not mitigate the double shock of the liquidation of common space and at the same time the transition from one system of economy to another. As a result many high-tech sectors were lost. And only now we begin to say that everything needs modernizing. Things are done, some of the attempts are successful however, and the process is very hard.

As far as I understand, Belarus undertook measures that could mitigate the shock to its maximum. It is impossible to get rid of it completely. I know that some plants in Belarus do not work for the whole week and there are problems with salaries. Nevertheless, Belarus managed to preserve the valid part of economic potential.