President Lukashenko to announce requirements for school textbooks

President Lukashenko to announce requirements for school textbooks

Alexander Lukashenko met with school students on May 26, 2017. The meeting was held in one of Minsk’s schools in a format of a discussion. Hundreds of young people and the President discussed different issues.

School attendants have their own complaints against textbooks. Some of the texts are written in a difficult to perceive economic language, in other cases it is the other way round when interesting facts are missed.

Anton Kokhna, a student of a gymnasium school:
There is a lot of information written in a simple language in the Belarusian Geography textbook for year ten. Additional materials on the National Educational Portal help to get homework done.

However, the economic part of geography is very difficult to perceive and difficulties arise understanding the material.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
He said the right thing. We are not going to simplify anything there. Where it is possible we will simplify the material, but where it is excessive we won’t. What he said, that math problems and other subjects as biology, chemistry, and physics need simplifying, it all needs to be overcome. So that a student understands that it is his life when he is solving a problem. Otherwise he doesn’t want to understand because it is not connected with life.