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Azerbaijan Trade House opens in Minsk

The opening of the Azerbaijan Trade House in Minsk will promote commodity circulation between Belarus and Azerbaijan. Belarus is the first country where Azerbaijan opens such a platform.

The rate of mutual trade growth summed up to 116% in the four months of 2017. Foreign investors are interested in cooperating with Belarus in the sector of investments. Belarusian tractors, wood products, medicine, milk and oil products are the basis of Belarus’ export.

Shahin Mustafayev, Economy Minister of the Azerbaijani Republic:
We hope that the opening of this Trade House will give opportunities for Azerbaijani Republic to encourage their work. I must say that Belarusian products are of a very high quality and they are competitive. Queues occur in these shops quite often.

During Alexander Lukashenko’s last visit to Azerbaijan an agreement was made to double the commodity circulation between the two countries, so that it sums up to 700 million dollars. As many as four Belarusian supermarkets, tractor and truck assembling plants are working in Azerbaijan at the moment. The possibility of building a joint medicine production plant in Baku is being discussed.

Azerbaijan Trade House opens in Minsk